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Telescopic view of the Moon gently gliding through the night

A soaked man walks away into a forest in a heavy rain and storm

A flight of pelicans glides towards mountains in the distance, Santa Cruz Wharf

180fps slow motion: Thick slab of meat sizzles on charcoal grill, tongs turn

Stylized depiction of traveling along a neuron in the brain as signals flash

The Sun is behind the United States flag blowing strongly. MIA POW flag in back

A United States Flag flies in front of the Capitol Dome/Rotunda

Wall Street's Charging Bull Statue Faces Down the Camera

Timelapse of people entering and exiting a Tokyo Subway Station

Pedestrians walk through a busy wide alley filled with ads in Hong Kong

Protestor Holds a minimalist "truth" sign at the 2017 NYC March for Science

Closeup of a Gorilla in the jungle resting contemplatively

Macro Pan up on Homeland Security logo on US immigration / naturalization form

Iconic Entry to the 40 Wall Street Stock Exchange Building at Sunset

A mobile defibrillator and other emergency equipment sit with flashing lights

A Macro Ultra Closeup stylized pan over backlit American Flag & fabric

A man in soaked clothes walks towards a forest in a heavy rain storm.

A Young woman's worried eyes are spotlighted, moody shadowy environment

Catharsis: A man stands with his arms spread apart triumphantly in a rain storm

Woman's hands folds a messy pile of wrinkled clothes in slow motion

The end rollers of a large ceremonial torah scroll roll to the edge of a table

Blurred streaking lights illuminate stylized POV city night driving

A pen writes in a family / last name on a census or US immigration document

Extreme telephoto view of huge cargo ship approaching San Francisco Bay

Terrified man runs screaming through creepy concrete tunnel with distant fog

Busy Pedestrians in a ad & light filled shopping center in Hong Kong

Individuals at workstations during a Calm Day at the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Man's tongue is stuck out of his mouth in macro closeup slow motion shot

A blurred out, drenched man walks towards camera in a heavy rain storm.

A series of minimalistic clocks tick away with focus on the foreground clock

Enormous Cargo Ship stacked with containers turns toward San Francisco Bay

Man uses metal detector to find hidden treasure buried on beach coastline

Steam and smoke comes off recently cooked smoked turkeys, cooling in a box

Macro slow motion: Man's mouth opens, yells and closes in closeup

Artificial Intelligence: A 3D mesh is projected against translucent white head

A blurred man raises his arms into a emotional cathartic pose in heavy rain

Stylized depiction of traveling along a neuron in the brain as signals flash

Rain streaks down the windshield of a moving car on a foggy fall afternoon

Palm Trees sway in the Ocean Sunset in Palm Beach Florida

Handheld: Monitor in a hospital displays heart rate / EKG readings

A Creepy Winter Timelapse of the Night Sky and Barren Tree

Beautiful mottled reflections from the sun sparkle off calm blue lake waters

Stylized depiction of impulses traveling along neurons in the brain

A pen marks divorced on a government immigration or census document

Artificial Intelligence: A 3D mesh is projected against uncanny virtual head

Man finishes washing his hands under kitchen sink faucet water

Slow motion 180fps closeup: Man uncurls fist into open palm in pouring rain

POV: Car with broken windshield travels through traffic in Kampala Uganda

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